La Pereda Calcium Looping pilot plant
La Pereda Calcium Looping pilot plant

A fully commercial deployment of the CO2 Capture and Storage is only viable with a reduction in their implantation costs, and emerging technologies as proposed in the CaO2 project must respond to this challenge.

The CaO2 project intends to demonstrate in a large pilot (2-3 MWth) a process optimisation of the CO2 capture postcombustion calcium looping system for coal based power plants. This process scheme is intended to minimize or even avoid the need of a CO2 recycle to the oxyfired circulating fluidized bed calciner, by exploiting the endothermic nature of the calcination reaction and the large solid flow circulating from the carbonator. This variant can reduce capital cost (reduced calciner and air separation units) and operating cost (reduced O2 and fuel requirements in the calciner) thereby improving significantly the competitiveness of the system.

This radical change in the intensity of combustion conditions can be achieved in practice by exploiting the endothermic nature of the calcination reaction and the large CaO flow circulating from the carbonator (both advantages are not presented in a direct oxycombustion process). However, the practical realization of these changes requires a profound redesign of this novel reactor configuration, investigating the implications of the new conditions in the key reactions at particle level in the system (combustion, calcination, carbonation, sulfation), using and adapting reactor and process models to the new operating conditions and deriving experimental data at relevant pilot scale.

The validation of the concept will be done in La Pereda CaL pilot plant, Asturias, Spain, the biggest CaL facility in the world.