La Pereda CaL pilot plant is located in the North of Spain, in an area with a long tradition of coal power generation and coal mining.

It is integrated in La Pereda power plant and using a side stream of flue gases of the plant. La Pereda is an existing 50MWe CFB power plant that belongs to Hulleras del Norte (HUNOSA).

The core of the CO2 capture pilot plant consists of two interconnected circulating fluidized beds. The reactors are made of refractory and steel carbon, allowing work to be carried out under typical operation temperatures of 650-700 ºC in the carbonator and 900-950 ºC in the calciner. The diameter of the reactors was designed to achieve gas velocities similar to those encountered in CFB boilers (3-5 m/s). To ensure enough gas residence time and a sufficient inventory of solids, the risers were designed to have a height of 15 m. The solids leaving each reactor are removed from the flue gases by means a high efficiency cyclone (cut size 5 μm) and are sent to a loop seal through a liftleg. The loop seals have two exits connected to this reactor and to the reactor opposite. The design allows the flow of solids through each exit to be adjusted so that the stream of solids can be diverted back to the same reactor (internal circulation) or conducted to the reactor opposite. The loops seals can be fluidized by means of air (using a purpose-designed high pressure fan) or by means of mixtures of CO2/H2O for oxy-fuel testing conditions.